What am I doing?

International Japanese Examination is ar0und the corner yet I show no preparation at the meantime. Oh gosh, can I make it? I don't want to resit for this exam next year. Why am I learning Japanese at the first place? It seems funny when I come to think of this. I'm the one who study Japanese language but my sister became the one who studies aboard in Japan =.= In fact, I once applied for a Robotic causes but Japan gave me Language, which is exactly the same as my sister's. The scholarship offered was quite remarkable but I'll forsake my 2 years time in UTAR as consequence. Haiz... If it were to be Robotic, I will not think twice, this 2 years wastage is absolutely worth it XD Haha~I always wanted to construct something like this more than a structure that never look alive =.=

Next, KhaiShen asked me to play violin for the coming UTAR ball! Double gosh, can I make it? For those Utarian who read my blog without letting me know who are you actually... Please do not pressure me when I'm on the stage XD Thank You. What music will I play then? The theme is Garden. Should everyone dress up like trees or flowers? I can design my own outfit? Haha~
This picture is 2 years old. I wanted to learn piano but... The instrument is too expensive XD

Thirdly, Dr Jeffery, my personal invigilator wanted to examine my working progress. Tripled gosh, can I smash him? We have been rushing our project where there is no time for him actually. However, if the invigilator were to be Dr Lee Min Lee, things will definitely be different =P Can I request for a change? Haha~This is the product of our project. It belongs to us if something go wrong, it belongs to client when everything go right XD

Final gosh, I'm introducing my son^^ Haha~
Arg!.. Where is he now?

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