BreakFast BahKutTeh

It was extremely rare to see me waking up early during weekend. Thus, I don't usually take breakfast^^ However, tsunami is going to strike Malaysia for I woke today. Hence to celebrate this break-through, I went for BahKutTeh with my parents.

BahKutTeh is extremely famous in Malaysia. It has a heavenly taste meanwhile high earthly demand XD Not forget to mention that it is pork~ Hehe... Sorry for I know some of you might not able to take it =)
Alright, we went to Centro where I can classify this place as modern Bahkutteh Restaurant. Hygiene first class, culture last class XD Oh yea, pricing also first class~
You see, the boiler is run by electricity unlike the ancient style which is using gas.
Now note this. How to determine the BahKutTeh is genuine enough? The key lies on their TeaPot set. BahKutTeh does not comply with plastic cups unlike what you usually see in KL.
Somehow, this restaurant don't use claypot. I wander why?

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