Pillow Talk

Talking about pillow talk, it is one of the best coffee that keep us awake. Don't you agree? There, anyone can voice their opinions where relationship is soon clang that we are actually getting to know each other better.

This is it... It's been a long time ever since our last pillow talk. The four of us, Evon, Naomi, Joseph, and me including Anne were sharing our lives experiences, about what we had become, learned and heard.

Wanna know what about our discussion? Let's see if you are agree with our little opinion.
(1st) My thought, they agreed: A simply sentence can be explained differently by different individual according to their emotion. For example a sentence "I'm wearing a mask because I have to T.T".
Persona A might think that the writer is forcing himself to present his unreal feeling to public.
Persona B might think that the writer don't like to wear a mask.
Persona C might think that the writer is just playing a fool with his Personal Message.

The key of these different thoughts is based on how sensitive the reader is toward the sentence. The reader is using his/her understanding and emotion to understand this sentence. By that, the reader presume the writer to think what they thought. Thus, it is always better to ask before jumping into conclusion.

(2nd) My thought, they agreed: A matter might be small for the eyes others, but not to the eyes of beholders. There is a Chinese saying "The outsiders can mostly see the problem much clearer". For example when a couple is fighting because of toothpaste problem, we see it as small matter. Nevertheless, we as third party are not the one who experience their feelings and background toward each other. We can never understand the reason why they take it so seriously. Thus, "The outsider can never see the real problem when they claimed that they saw"

(3rd) Some thought, we agreed: We must experience everything before we claimed that we know it. One who could produce various philosophy of life because they themselves experience it and thought about it. It is supported by life examples and logical thinking.

(4th) Girls' thought, we learned: The reason people could talk bad about you is that you had hurt them, or they are jealous of you. This applies to female society only.

(5th) Girls' thought, we learned: Pleasing girl is not difficult. They just want to see your little effort. For example, a morning text when you wake up in the morning.

(6th) Girls' thought, we agreed: Jokes are fun but sometimes they hurt. They sabotage feelings and relationships.

(7th) We thought, we agreed: Different gender who are not closest friend can never understand each other. For example if you guys are growing and living in Boy's group, you'll never know what girls really want. Same goes for girls.

(8th) Girls' thought, we learned: Ordinary girl hates to be addressed as 'bitch' unless they are immune to this word. Meaning by they really are.

(9th) Girls' thought, we agreed: It is impossible for guys to reject girls' request especially when face to face. Eventhough guys are not willing to, they will still force themselves to take it before they could complain it to another party. If the girl is smart enough, she will definitely realize this and try not to be as a burden except for the case that she is trying to 'take it for granted'.

(10th) Girls' thought, we learned:
When girl doesn't like a girl as friend, she will still join her for chat and entertainment until they could parted. Or it will be complicated.

(11th) My thought, we agreed:
No one is perfectly good in manner but everyone is trying to reach this perfection. Eventhough one has reached perfection, there are still people who like and dislike him/her. Meanwhile if we think that we are good enough, it is the time that we are not.

(12th) We thought, we agreed:
It's not easy to find a friend that carries no intention. When someone approached you, you know he/she needs you either in terms of academic, financial, transportation, etc. Definitely one which will brings burden on you.

(13th) My thought, we agreed: It is easy criticized mistake than complimenting deeds. For example among 10 deeds that one had done, 9 were good and 1 was bad, people will still judge him/her based on his/her 1 bad.

A few of these opinions had been discussed before, but they are still prestigious reminders. Well, this is basically what I do for my pillow talk which we hope that able to aid our friends in their future path. What about you?

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