Here I am in the middle of messing up my life =P Know what? My last paper is just three days ahead which I got only two days left to study yet I'm fooling around doing nothing but play. I guess all my friends have been burning midnight oil for it already. Perhaps I know not the meaning of guilty XD

My business is later, for sometimes we are confused about our decision. Believes that we have the answers to the questions asked by ourselves, still we need someone to say "As for my opinion...". We crave for affirmation indeed =) That's nature which made human needs friends.

Human cannot survive being alone isn't it? Sometimes, the one who is seeking is the one who are empty inside because they have not found. Allow me to define further in a story. People might thought that a person is extremely social-able and he has many friends, but in fact, he is doing it because he still have not find a place to calm, a place where people can really understand him... All he wants is someone that able to listen to his feelings not as a habit, and receive advices eventhough he say it is not necessary.

Until he came to a spot where he found that he need not travel any longer. For he had found the one whom can accept him. His journey of wilderness shall ends.

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