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Actually I'm kinda busy this month for my final exam is near. So I decided to freeze my blog update for a while but one of my cousin's post made remarkable. Hence, I want to quote it and share with you guy =)

is one complicated thing,
it may gives you pleasures & delight,
it may ALSO gives you feelings of non-existence of this world ie HELL.

Just like wind,
it comes and go pass you without you knowing it or expecting it.
and never we heard of a wind that can REVERSE its way,
there's only wind blowing in DIFFERENT direction.

Just like love,
falling in love is fast, like a snap of a finger or a blink of an eye
falling out of love however, is a painful & slow process

Here is one theory of love that I hold very dearly,
you can't force people to love you, no matter how much you love him/her in a nutshell,
Love cant be forced.

I believe everyone of us here fell in love before and we tasted this addictive drug. It is like a poison yet it is like a cure. It is blind yet it is sighted. As said, a double edged knife.

When the film started, it will not end until you had found a replacement. Not surrogate.

1 comment:

reen said...

haha was not expecting to be featured in ur blog.

was in a 'poetic' mood ytd night.
and i still cant believe i wrote all that.. kekez

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