GoodBye Woody

It was thursday that I was stunned, when I heard that she is forever a goner. All this days, she was our pride for her humongous size and she is our family, Woody Lee NeeChee. Is 3 years old enough for her? She was a brave yet curious pet who never afraid of thunder or stranger. Of course, I have to admit that she loves to eat and ate alot. That's why she is bulky.

She was still in good shape last Sunday... but she was suspected with tumor inside her tummy. I never get to see her for the last time when she passed on. The only way I can see her is from these pictures taken by my elder sister.

It's been a long time since my last tear drop.
It was me and my younger sister who brought her in but we never get to sent her off.
Our last Goodbye to Woody LeeNeeChee
For the one that we had lost...
Never forget


9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Just 2 weeks back, we bought an angora rabbit...lasted only 3days-2nights nia! My son felt sad but quickly bought himself a replacement and now they are's like a toy, so cute! always sleeping on his lap while he's busy with his assignments.

victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

Oh Alas! what a cute rabbit she was and much innocent baby also so sad to hear this.Just take care of your new rabbit.

Best Regards.

leo7_lion said...

Thanks Guys =)

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