Take or Receive?

Should we consider changing ‘Give and take’ to ‘Give and receive’?

The definition of ‘Take’ can be confusing. Or I should further define by,

Do you take help from others?
Do you receive help from others?

In fact, many had mistaken the meaning of ‘take’ in this statement which is actually means ‘receive’. In other word, this word ‘take’ carries different impact and should be replaced for better sake.

If I summarize these two terms, they will project the effects as below.

All in all, ‘Take’ will hurt target in any way that it could be whereas ‘Receive’ will not.
Priority on self – Eg: You want to go somewhere but you have no transport aid. You push/convince target to get you there just because target has his/her vehicle.Priority on target – Eg: You want to go somewhere but you have no transport aid. You look for he/she who is on his/her way passing through your destination where he/she could drop you there.
Sacrifice on target – Eg: You insist of wanting target to fetch you there although he/she might has reasons behind where he/she should rejected you.Sacrifice on self – Eg: You act according to target. If he/she rejected you, you might just end up finding someone else or change your mind about going out.
Target unwilling to give- Eg: Target might somehow join you yet he/she feels stress on his/her own choice. Target willing to give- Eg: Target is willing to offer help without regret.

I believe the examples are clear enough to differentiate them.

Often people think that if one has given enough, he/she is deserved to take. Is this concept capable?

Talking about ‘Give’, we never expect ‘return’ as ‘Giving help’ is not ‘lending help’. Or I should say giving is a sacrifice out of love. Somehow I believe if you are a ‘Giver’, one day you will be the ‘Receiver’.


iriene said...

Good morning, it's 1:18 am (2/7/09)
I had just clicked Digi Campus ads on ur blog :D
I like this post of yours very much.
You really explained the meaning and I agree with you... "give & receive is more appropriate". Hey fren, you can become English lecturer-lah! lol
Do drop by and take care!

Jemsen said...

Hi, very interesting on the underlying principles - root words of proper English. Tks for sharing.
Good work; 2 thumbs up!

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