Faith without Action is Dead

Will crime cease?
Who knows?
Some say 'Yes' and some say 'No'
Why isn't there one voice?

Reasons that made the difference
As long as
People is willing to change,
Be watchful,
There is a possibility
Crime is from criminal,
If you can change them,
You'll make the difference,
But is that possible?

What's do you think?

We can voice our dissatisfaction in articles or blogs
But in the end of the day
We can only warn victims to be watchful alone
because the criminals won't read our blog a bit!

Take a good look at this picture
Don't you feel disgraceful?
Although this matter is not as serious as killing or whatever
Yet it shouldn't happen like this, don't you think so?

About the criminals' mentality

If we note those criminals
Most of them are morally uneducated person
Shall we call them uncivilized?

What can we do about them?
-We are totally powerless in this matter-

Who is the one responsible?

About the our mentality

{Talking about robbery}
If someone happened to be robbed
(weapon-ed) right in front of you
Will you help him/her?
P/S: There have been campaigns teaching us to run away from scene... Sad case~

{Talking about cheating}
If someone/you happened to be cheated
Will you stand and fight
To cease this cheater to cheat further?
Or you will say
"Nevermind lar..."

{Talking about rape cases}
If you see someone being raped
Right before you
What will you do?

{Talking about baby abandoned}
Er... we can't do anything about it too
Throw this sub-topic back to criminal side

Last question
Are you selfish?

I believe these had make things extremely clear
Problem comes from criminal (of course)
Yet SOME solutions may come from us

Allow me to jot my opinion
"Since our voices here cannot reach to the criminals
Why not try joining us
up, the victims?"

If you want to kills a cat
It would be as easy as walking down the street
But if the cats are working together
It would be as hard as climbing up to mountain top

All we have to do is to show more concern to others
So that others would do the same to us
"Care for all
All for one
Be positive and act positive


Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

some criminals may be uneducated but they're not stupid. Being able to rob someone and plan a way to escape without getting caught requires some brain power. Have you watched Ocean's 11,12,13?

leo7_lion said...

Ya, that's why I say they are uncivilized =) Not educated with morals, Haha... said...

the world is dangerous man...

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