Talking about saving our world,
!!Yeah, I mean Our world!!
The very first step to triggers the whole procedure is

-Rubbish Restricted-
Make everything our property

This picture was taken in Tesco somewhere at the parking level outside the twin lift. Applause for Tesco's recycling support. *Pak! Pak! Pak!

Still, there is one major problem here. The world cannot be saved by one man yet can be destroy by one man. Or I say, one serial killer can destroys hundred happiness, one suicide bomber can destroys thousand hopes. As shown in picture above, why we take it if we know we do not need it? (I mean the balloon)

I know some people might not agree with the term "The world cannot be saved by one man yet can be destroy by one man" They might want to argue as "Did not mother Teressa saved many lives?" So what happen to those lives that she saved? Contributing to the world as well?

Please don't get me wrong saying what mother Teressa did was meaningless. Just that she alone won't help much if we do not offer our hands together. What I was trying to declare in that term above is "Everyone should contribute something for the sake of our world" because the world is belongs to everyone, not only for mother Teressa or someone else. She alone cannot change anything but only together, we can.

Thus when we do not need of something, please do not take them for 'fun' especially those flyer. Don't fold paper planes. Haha..

Next is the milk cans department. Okay, this is not our faults that they were unsold and be wasted. Someone should be responsible for these =)
I bet this price tag won't last long if no action is taken. Okay, last one. Spot the different between these two Sunkist Packs. Don't you think the right one is chubby? Right, I guess they are trying to play a lucky draw which one inside is more than usual content. Haha..

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Right, save our Earth!

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