I'm Lovin it

You know, there is an ancient Chinese greeting saying "Have you eaten?" which its actual meaning by "How is your life?" and grandmother used to ask me this question whenever she meets me^^
So now is my turn to greet you~

Haha, McD has been part of our lives ever since we know how to eat =P The aroma is irresistible and the food is incredible. If there were to be a buffet McD, I bet it will be the best buffet one had ever seen and I will be the one to grab every single piece of these scrumptious burgers and nuggets.

One of our happiest moments is the time when we got ourselves surprises by someone treating us McDonald's. Don't you agree? Aside from being bestowed with instant joy, satisfying the urge of our lips and tongues is next to rush.

Good thing McD runs a campaign where everyone could enjoy this 'love' at a lower price.

^^Yum! Yum!
Personally, I love Big Mac the best although every single burgers are also my favorites. Fillet the Jack, Chicken the Queen and Beef the King.

And so we enjoy~
Our story begins when my sister and I drove ourselves to nearby McD to dine as usual. I was suggesting a drive-through lunch yet she was looking forward for a dine-in.

Me: If we eat inside the car, we can fill our car with McD fragrant~
Sis: Yea, and so comes the ants.
Me: How could ants climb into the car? Sweat!
Sis: Hey, this is my car. If you want to eat, eat inside. Or else, you walk back home later. Ha-ha
Me: Right~

And so we enjoy~
"The happiest moment is when you take a big bite on this burger!"

"I thought you are going to say 'The happiest moment is when I successful threaten my brother' ha-ha... I love Golden Fries^^"

Let's save this for drive through next time, shall we?


YULI said...

i love mcdo too! :D

miszamama said...

yummy..mcD should pay you for this post la! he..he..

mr.versatile said...

yeah, why not. jom exchange link :-) erk, hv u McValue Lunch this week? hehehe

Firiz On Da' Move said...

McD nuggets have full chicken meat taste, DELICIOUS!

leo7_lion said...

I bet no one will hate McD instead of lovin it^^

shah said...

nice story...should remove the man behind there... :)

Sean Lon said...

every 1 loves mc D! hahaha! i did this contest entry too n da funny thing is i used chinese sayigs oso in my vid.llol. yeah dine in better cause gt air cond n wun dirty yr car n c chiks.hahaha

Anonymous said...

woots! nice..
especially the one you big the burger.. lol..
i certainly did! hahahaha =D

Mike Cheong said...

wah sae!!! Hope you enjoyed your meal and going for second helping... haha

IsteriCun said...

wow I really like mcD and your post makes me really hungry

MondayM said...

wah...both of u got potential to be model for ads. Very natural photo. McD should sign u up.

lion said...

eh..both of u look very happy eating McD leh..I want to make myself happy too. OK! tomorrow, McD for lunch!!

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Ya..it's true that Chinese used to greet one another, "Have you eaten enough?". Because of famines back then in China, naturally the main concern of our forefathers was to have a filled stomach, never mind it's McDee, McAfee or McUbi.

Lisa717 said...

wish all of us all the best for who is participating in this contest!! hehehhee...

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