Exam over! Yeah Yeah!!

I always wanted to post this picture after the exam, I was like...

"Oh no, ideas are accumulating very second!!"

You see, I can't simply publish 3 posts per day although they might be short^^ Worrying about myself being as fast as dash and my friends were unable to catch me up XD Heheh... I know many of you like short yet meaningful posts. Just way better if they were something to laugh on or something to cry on^^

Let me not talk about my exam, it's something considered as history anyway. I'm starting a new chapter in my life^^9 I'm going to travel Ipoh this Saturday-Sunday. Oh! Maybe I shouldn't say travel =.= I should say outstation part-time job. Financial problem, what to do?

And Nuffnang gave me so little yet so little pocket money XD
Some blogger friends suggested me to try Advertlets but that certainly need higher traffic =.= If I were to have traffic such as that 'high', Nuffnang would had treated me better lor =P


Still, I choose Nuffnang! Well, for readers who subscribed me using other reader pages. Just for information on what is Nuffnang, here is my description^^


I always wanna know how people think of my site frankly since I'm part of this blogosphere. Whether or not I'm posting the right content blah blah~ Oh! One thing I do know about my site is that, my language used kinda mixed since I'm living in this multiracial country, none other but Malaysia which has been producing my multilingual tongue =P

Lastly, my elder sister has been nagging me to put on my glasses since I never wear them but only for certain occasions. I bet some of you didn't know that I'm actually 'spectacle person'
Glasses help? I don't know... It makes me look older. Somehow, age is mind over matter. If we don't mind, it doesn't matter.

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ZaHiRaH said...

u're kind of cute..hahaha..

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