A Gaint Fly Visit

What is fly? Fly is a verb meanwhile a noun. Thus I'm saying that a huge ~Fly~ fly into our condo unit yesterday night. How huge would it be then? Talking about comparison especially in sizes, a picture for you is a must right? Here you go~
Huaw! Take it with speaker, with calculator... It was extremely and undeniably huge. Eh? Looks like this Fly was grabbing the cloth from falling =) Good heart isn't it? Applause!
Fly: "Aik? I was just resting here nia wor~ This place is softer and table surface mar..."
Fly: "Ar~ I've found a softer place."
Kenneth: "Ah, that's my T-shirt!!"

Right, he was complaining when the fly hanged on his T-shirt. Who ask him to simply hang it around? Allow me to further define. He was complaining in a scream~ Although we all did scream together. But screaming is not all that we can do, we hid too XD
See~ After hiding for few seconds. I realised that I could actually blog about this stupid matter before grabbing my phone to start snapping these that I'm showing you. Haha!
Fly: "Ah~ They chased me and made me fly high that I accidentally hit the ceiling fan. Pain..."
KianHoe: "Luckily no juice come out, KiatBoon's table is safe form bacteria~"
Fly: "Aiyo~ My life is so pitiful..."
We: "Aiyo~ Our life is so 'surprise'ful"


Anonymous said...

haha!u din mention dis is not the 1st time..dis the 4th Gaint Fly i saw in our condo..somemore last time got 1 of it hit my window in the "mid night~~~~". at 1st i tot is ghost ==" zadao..

- serene -

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Was it really a fly?
The wings have spots..

Lisa717 said...

this is not really the fly tat always fly over on the food and rubbish rite??

hmmm..wonder why did it will flied to ur condo always as what serene mentioned above~

mayb ur condo gt smelly and dirty ler..m i rite?? *blek*

leo7_lion said...

It certainly looks like a fly rite? Lol, my condo very clean one. Maybe too clean that it want to make dirty. Hahha

Xjion89 said...

is it a beeeee?!

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