False Aids Warning

Had you read this message which was posted by me 2 days ago?

BoomMing was right. If it was not for him, I would never know that the above message is a fake =) Basically, he shares this Website which reveals all lies and indeed I found that Aids spreading through food is impossible. (I hope I'm right here...)

Nevertheless, I don't understand is the main reason of people articulating this kind of serious jokes. Are they doing these just for fun? Haiz...

In time, I receive lot e-mails regarding forwarding the mails would help some victims to earn donation. However, who will be the one who pay them after we forwarded these messages? My idea is that~ If someone really effort to donate through numbers of e-mails sent flowing, why doesn't he/she helps the victims directly instead. What is the purpose of this person doing all these energy killing and time consuming stuffs?

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