Life of a Couple

This post is talking about life of a couple. Couple that I'm going to talk about is male+female, not male+male or female+female... =P Somehow, this practice can be done by any of those couples mentioned.
Shopping together is the most important thing to do =) But first, you must lock up your house door properly. If not, not matter how much you shop, your items won't last long.
Driving a car is men's job and who pay the tolls then? Men also lar~ Haiz, this is sure thing. Nevertheless if women want to pay, don't you ever say "Okay, you pay!" (swt...)
Next, having picture together is a must! Who will be the photographer then? Your friends or yourself~ Passing your camera to passerby is certainly not a good idea anyway if you are not prepared to get a new one =(
What is this? Withdrawing MONEY~ Why so? Because it is time to spend! spend! and spend!
If you don't want to withdraw them from the ATM machines, what you can do is exactly like above picture. Mengemis (Beggar) Lol... I'll see how much you can get XD
Now once you have sufficient $, shop right the way!! Man usually go for T-shirts~
Whereas women, shoes~ Notice the facial reaction of man when woman shop ^^

-Okay, Time to Go-
"Thank You for your sacrifice~"
Bye Bye^^v


Erlina said...

Y u become the light bulb for the couple?

leo7_lion said...

Lol, being 'kapozi' sometimes is fun ^^

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