Gym Effect

Before proceeding, I would like to declare that I'm not posting about how to grow muscles here... Who would want to read this kind of muscular talk in blog anyway? Especially girls right? Hehe... I'm so considerate. Okay, enough nonsense, I'll still post it my way =P Thus...

YeeLin came from Genting Klang to our Melati Utama Condo to join us for gym. She said she wanted to reduce her fat~But the fact is that is she really fat? I don't think so... Maybe that I'm just too naive to understand girl's feeling. According to her, 'Pui' (fat) is it something like below?
Female readers, please enlighten me =)

After 10 rounds of jogging as warm up, she immediately collapsed. Let's check out her pale face.
This is the result of irregular exercise... Hahaha... I pity my dear friend YeeLin, being the fact that she's thin enough for us guys but she's still unsatisfied. Haiz... Well, may GOD bless her =P
This is me. Way too different from the template header right? My ghost face really looks different. I still got a lot ugly photos but I'll never post it here for you to laugh at. Haha~

By the way, I heard that laughing can make us fat. Is it real?
Let me introduce my friends here who go to gym almost everyday. Left, KiatBoon who recently improving his mandarin speaking, middle, KokYong who always laugh at people (swt), and right, YeeLin who I've just mentioned up above...
Bottom, KianHoe who is self-concept like me, and up, Kenneth who dreams to become a big muscular man.

Guys being muscular looks better indeed. That's why guys could spend hours inside gym similar to girls spending hours in front of mirror with her cosmetic bag. Lol... We are alike!!!

Okay, not alike... I know some girls will oppose me XD But feel free to comment anything~


Erlina said...

Girls always said themselves fat...i aso duno for me, i juz dun care le...wan diet aso duno 4 wat...mai bcoz of boys><

Angelyn said...

Guys being muscular looks better indeed. - Agreed! So males, start building up those muscles. hahaha

leo7_lion said...

Working on it^^

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

I've yet to come across a girl who does not claim she's! It's a universal thing laa.. just like a drunk in will always claim he's not yet drunk and the sober claiming he's drunk and could take no more!

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