Downside of Economy Crisis towards Environment

It is a fact that economy crisis will contribute to less pollution. Nevertheless, economy crisis slows down the progress of research done to save the environment. A project of saving the environment is not an undemanding task. It involved enormous asset besides it is time consuming. Thus without sufficient model due to economy crisis, companies will tend to reduce their investments into the development of green programs, which is to recover the earth with trees. It is known as one of the ways to keep them surviving in commerce market. Their actions may does not stop the researches globally, yet it weakens the foundation of those programs which were succeeding. Large projects often result a company to be in debt when all plans clash. It is then uncertain as if these programs will discontinue. These discontinuing programs are wastes of money plus efforts which may perhaps implants the idea of building environment as a time slaying project to some companies. They will be discouraged on top of picking up the same program again even when the economy gets better. All in all, an unexpected occurrence of economy disaster could trigger the idea of seizing the development of saving our environment.

When economy crisis occurs, construction companies are contributing detriment to the environment as well. Both recession and retrenchment of the companies lead to diminishing of construction tasks or projects. Generally, a building can only be constructed after site clearing which trees are to be removed. During that short period of constructing, rain that pours will direct to soil erosion for the ground is not stable. Mud and aggregate can be carried away easily by heavy rain until the time when the building is properly constructed and the ground is cemented as it should be. However if this construction project were to be seized and abandoned due to economy crisis, soil erosion can never be stopped. Knowing that site clearing which was ran previously removed any possibility of tree growing back at the same location, the ground losses its strength to preserve itself. Thus pollution will prolong. Apart from leaving the site for a longer period of time, there are rare cases of another developer continuing the same project as this may cause inaccuracy in construction. Precision is the basic of each assignment and mistakes are unforgiving. When the project is finally abandoned, calamity will definitely strikes onto our environment. Soil erosion will continue to decrease the amount of fresh consumable water and human being will be next to suffered.
Economy is known as a disaster to every individual especially country citizen. Nonetheless, citizen is the foremost basis to renovate economy back to its standard condition. At this point of time, government who is the major persuader of every action taken by the country will naturally concentrate more on motivating citizen to do whatever they ought to. Meanwhile, efforts of caring for the environment have been disregarded. As known, the best way of reversing the economy is to stimulate the flow of currency. Thus, the action of shifting country saving to subsidize country sale is usually done. As the result, government will pay less attention to environment in the interim of advertising shopping to people. Through this action, important projects such as water treatment and reforestation could seize. These important projects of saving the environment usually acquire longer time to administrate. Both trees growing and water purifying consume years and they have to be well maintained. Without proper management of these projects, the country will soon suffers pollution effect which could be hardly treated in the future. Aside from that, the trading of money which was encouraged by the government also activates global warming. In times of having country sales, citizen will travel more with either by public transports or by their own transports. All these vehicles contribute to global warming as they produce greenhouse gasses.

In common, people will look for less expensive products when money is tight. Conversely, greener products which are also known as environment friendly products are further dear. People may have to purchase cheaper products in order to sustain their living. In fact, these cheaper products are harmful to environment. One of the best examples of environment unfriendly products is plastic. Besides polluting the air when it is burnt, it also forever lasting as it never decomposed. This product will eventually turn our world into gigantic rubbish vat. It is well acknowledged as consumers should use more decomposable goods instead of plastic made products. Nevertheless, economy crisis will lead consumers no choice but to do against the law of nature.

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