Disaster in Memories' Corner

I wonder if you've dine in Memories' Corner before. This restaurant is... I'm speechless. Alright, this 'kind' of restaurants have these same thing common: well decorated outlook, unreasonable prices for both little amount of foods and beverages (not like they are truly delicious), and charges service tax.

The question is, why would people still dining here? Simple. What do you think? If you could observe, these restaurants are often visited by gangs of teenager and clique. They wouldn't had gone alone. Thus, what this mean? Are they trying to prove that they are afford to such 'classy' foods?

Let's step out of the box and think. The same thing that you could 'achieve' but you do it the unworthy way. Cool you say? You've just fallen into a trap!
As you could see, a gang here is dining. Everyone was ordering expansive beverages and they said they don't mind as it was not everyday's business. It's true that it was not everyday's business but why not think about future? If more of these restaurants started to establish while the worthy one started to shut, would it not turn to everyday's business then? Don't say it won't happen. In fact, it's happening.
This dish is double of the usual price. It doesn't taste better than the usual too. What matter the most is, it's little! Please don't be fooled by the menu and it's look [Forgot to place a fork to help comparing it's size]. You definitely won't get full with this.
Rice set is even worse. This is obverse enough from the picture. Four small pieces of curry chickens with 70% bone, you want that? No way!
Please Look! Wise words: If you really want to present the best for your friends or beloved one, money is not the only choice. For food, expensiveness bring forth 'fake'ness. True deliciousness carries the true meaning.

I'm not saying that all expensive foods are bad. I'm just saying that food with normal taste doesn't deserved to be expensive. Ban them or you'll just making our world suffers in the future.

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