Treasure of Life

There is a saying, do not judge a book by its cover. In life, there are plenty of mysterious moments and thoughts to be discovered. Sometimes, expectation is something that to be broken. Personally, I have a friend who I’d never thought that he would be grateful to me one day. He is always a boastful person who love shows off whatever that he could do with his knowledge. He usually speaks without considering the effect of his words too. Somehow, he did something great today which deeply change my impression on him. Should I call it a fate?

It was a usual day when we had our lecture class together in the same lecture hall. Nothing seems to be special until suddenly he suggested that we friends should go out for a play. He also suggested bowling in Time Square, and I could see him was trying to boast his bowler’s skill again. Without the intention of rejecting his invitation, every one of us agrees to spend time being together. In fact, this is a way of building up friendship and amazingly it did. Without this plan running, I would not have found this treasure of life.

The initial plan was to go by our own transport. Somehow, we were short of vehicles and we decided to use public transport instead. However during the time process of getting ourselves to public transport, a few of our friends changed their mind about going out to Time Square and eventually the number of total players decreased. Yet, we were still in the state of insufficient cars and we have to rely on bus transportation. In reality, this is definitely not a good idea if we do have choices. Nevertheless, the treasure was found because of the existence of this bus.

[To be continue...]

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