Lavender Breads

Talking about eating Lavender breads. One thing that people will always say is "WoW~!" In fact, the bread quality is fine =) For breads that are supposed to be crunchy, they go crunchy; for breads that are supposed to be creamy, they go creamy. Hey, I'm advertising it for free!!

Anyway, my advice on those who intent to buy breads from this shop is Please Don't Dine There! You can take back the breads. Don't worry, the breads will be in good shape when you reach home.

If you choose to dine there, you're going to waste lots of money for sure. Well, if you don't mind...
Here is my story. Me and my family went to this Lavender bread shop for a taste since my cousin, Irene once praised it (I'm not sure about now). The breads were great and tempting.
Just look at the golden breads. Seducing...
We went in for a seat and the waiter came to start taking orders for beverage. Gosh! They aren't reasonable price at all. Talking about reasonable price, many food and beverage nowadays in the market are more than expensive. I mean they are not worth for the price. Come to think of it, RM 7.90 for nasi lemak in Memory's corner or whatever "branded name" restaurant... That's kinda ridiculous when we could actually get them about RM 4.50 or cheaper. Plus these restaurants collect taxes at least 5%! Nevertheless, lots people enjoy spending money like that and soon helps to increase the price further in the future =.= I hereby "thank" those "smart" people who like to boast.
The honey is cheap stuff honey, one that you can find in Jusco Market or any market.Are these drinks special? Yea, just by their name =.= They taste worst than MaMak's...

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alien said...

worse than mamak~
better drink teh tarik at mamak..with capati~ also ayam tandoori..

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