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Have you heard of this Restaurant? Well, this restaurant is steamboat restaurant. Although it's not in buffet style, but they serve delicious foods. Personally, I love having steamboat in such cold surrounding which made me feel fresh and reborn. Lolz..
Talking about steamboat, many would think that it must be at least three to four eaters. However in this restaurant, things can be different. For lesser eaters, various of ingredients will still be served just that amount are not many.
Tada~ This is how a steamboat looks like. Will eating steamboat turn us fat? I think so. In fact, we easily digest eating steamboat that we'll once again turn hungry very fast. So what for eating? Just for fun =P
Beside steamboat, this restaurant also provides single dish such as this Thai BBQ Beef Noodle. Meaning that if we do not prefer boiling stuffs, there are still other choices. I must admit that noodles here are excellent.
Aloe Vera Juice, my favorite beverage. Eating Aloe Vera is liken to eating Jelly but anyway, I heard that Aloe Vera is very good for skin.
This restaurant chili source is very special and delicious. First thing that I'll do every time I eat here is to pour whole bowl of this chili source into the soup to mix the boiling. Yum~ Btw, this restaurant was found in Jusco Bukit Bintang.

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