Best Hakka Noodle

This restaurant is located at Taman Eng Ann Klang near Delta, A1 and ET tuition centers. It is famous with its Hakka Noodle. Somehow the quality had gone down a little today. Yet, can still be consider as 'good' =P
Inside, they run Yong Tau Foo business too. RM0.60 per piece. Their Yong Tau Foo comes in both dry and soup. Personally, I love the soup Yong Tau Foo. The best that I could find up until now.
This is the Hakka Noodle booth. We can choose to have additional ingredients to our Hakka Noodle such as black mushroom, pork meat, chicken feet etc. I usually add-on mushrooms.
Oh ya, they serve 'lao shu fen' (Mandarin) too. I've no idea what does it call in English but allow me to direct translate, 'lao shu fen' = 'Rat Powder'...Lolz...
Here it is, souped Yong Tau Foo. The fried stuffs is the best when they were actually dipped into the soup. They became juicy and tasty.
Add-on Hakka Noodle. Do you know what's on top? Pork Meat. Yea, you notice that this is a non-halal restaurant.
Meanwhile, this is a normal Hakka Noodle with mushroom. As mention, I usually order this lovely mushroom.

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