LDS Chat Room

I bet that you all have heard of Skype or Window Live Messenger, which are softwares that we use to chat with our friends. Thus, chatting has become our daily needs and we couldn’t deny. Have you been to a situation that where all of you friends are offline? You’ll find no one to express and to talk to.

This morning, my friend introduced me to LDS Chat Room, a website that we can chat with people from all over the world. To my surprise, registration is totally free! Then I started crawling to look for someone that I could chat with.

Suddenly, someone started a conversation. He is from my very own country! Cool! After introducing ourselves, we started sharing our experiences in blogging. Indeed, he taught me a lot on it. Next, I was curious on how he looks like in the real life. You see, profile pictures are usually unreal as we tend to post only best picture or even edited picture. Then he suggested that we both use the internet cam. Wow, this is something that I never dare to suggest on someone that I don’t really know. However, since he was asking, no harm tying.

Alright, I must admit that LDS Chat Room is really great for live chatting. The connection is excellent. I happily ended my 3 hours conversation without a problem this morning. Thus, I’m sharing this website so that you too can share the same happiness as I do. Smile =)

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