Madam Lim's Kitchen

Do you all realise that restaurants nowadays very lazy to think of creative names instead of using those 'Pak Li, A Mah, Papa, Anak...'
~Boring lar~
Same goes to this one, Madam Lim.
'Not too old, not too young'

-Let's eat-
This is its interior design
Quiet comfortable

Too bad I can't find its website
Or else I can promote her a bit
Since I don't have much pictures on her foods,
allow me to spam my little story here~

(Outside Chicken Rice Shop)
Sis : Eh, the foods look delicious. Wanna try?
Me : These? I thought you want to be a vegetarian.
Sis : Oh ya hor... I forgot. =(
Me : Aiya... One day eat meat nvm one...
Sis : Nvm one hor, Hehe... =)
Me : Kia kia, let's enter.
Sis : Aiya, don't want la. Go other place...
Me : ... (rolled my eyes)


(Outside Madam Lim's Kitchen)
Me : This one seafood sure 'bo gam' you.
Sis : See see lar~
A waiter came out promote promote promote~
SiS : Let's eat here lor~ One day seafood nvm...
Me : Oic~ (That promoter so powerful)

Our orders,
Noodles (my sis)
Got meat inside.
Seafood claypot (Me)

Not bad lar the taste...
not bad...

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