Kampung (Village)


Holiday without anything to do is really boring
It is just like wasting my 24 hours each day

A part time job?
Count me out!
Actually, I'm currently working for an event company
But the next event is held in 29th-30th Nov which is still long


"_Today Spam Topic_"
Me and my family just went there yesterday
So why is it call Kampung?
Let's find out together
If I'm not mistaken
There is another name for this place, which is 50 stores
-Gor Charp Tuah-
Indeed there are 50 stores...

Here are the Kampung Fishes
Fresh and Cheap
RM 8 for 2 large fishes
Worth right?

Since the name is Kampung
Certainly we can see something like this

People mountain people sea
Table mountain chair sea

Some of the Kampung foods:
Charp Pu Long style

Why is it call 'Kampung'?
Aiya, people name name kampung ma kampung lar
So kepo for what?

Where are my pics?
I hid them so that you won't punch me when u see me =P

1 comment:

K-vIn said...

i went there before..my uncle drove me there while my trip to west malaysia... ^^

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