Bloggers are the Sources of Changes

Since when we have been adapting our life into blogging? And what have we experienced and learnt from other bloggers? Believe it or not, 'Blog' has become our daily news letter.

In fact, globalization through blogging is the quickest way where we can directly connected and befriended with people all over the world.

One's post is best object to project himself or herself.
And sometimes, I would viewed back to my older posts to see how have I been all the time. Am I being a healthy minded person? Am I bringing my visitors to a better life that they should be?

We all admit that this world has been rotting, and be frank enough to ask ourself, are we part of those who rots the world?

Bloggers certainly has the power to change the world.
Although I may not be the one to make the world a better place with my lousy blogging skill, but I can still make sure that I'm not the one who are doing the opposite. You see... To convince one to do good is a tough job; to ask one to do bad is nothing. Not many people has the ability to convince thus let us not be the stumbling rocks.


Ruthibelle said...

I agree. Bloggers certainly can effect change.

Jacqueline Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacqueline Smith said...

Blogging is the power of word of mouth. It's viral.

Anonymous said...

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