Shining Force Neo (2005) - Sega

Shining Force projects the density of young heroes in turn to war against the Clan of the Moon. When a war is declared, sacrifices is a must. What will be the decision of Max, the main star of the game?


A young warrior at the age of 17 who masters his skill as a Force under Graham. He can use a wide variety of weapons in combat.

An orphan after her parents died in the war 13 years ago and she lives together with Max. She practices magic that allowing her to assist Max in battles.

Max's father and one of the veteran warriors instrumental in vanquishing the Clan of the Moon in the war 13 years ago. Gaia is regarded as an extremely skilled and powerful Force.

Captain of the Border Knights at Larcyle Fort and the same time a highly-skilled centaur knight.

Lady of Cantore in Feldland and also a Force. She masters recovery spells.

The wolfing Captain of Quincine Royal Guard and the same time a Force of Feldland. He has a well-spoken mannerisms and quiet demeanor. He is a Ninja warrior.

A Force who lives his life in seclusion and an Ex-captain of the Quincine Royal Guard. He is a powerful warrior that stands to protect his friends.

Daughter of Graham which is also Force and a skilled centaur Knight.

The only Birdwoman that survive and join max and his pary later on. She commands the Force of fire.

The only Birdman that survive from the Kingdom of Eleanora. He join max after Freya.

A white baby dragon found by Klein & Freya in their hometown. He can breath fire like usual dragon except for he's cute.

A powerful robot warrior that actually raised Max and his brother as a child. He joined Max and his party at later game and he is good in physical combat too.

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