Final Fantasy X (2001) - Square Enix

Final Fantasy X projects a fantasy world of Spira, tells a touching story where a group of adventurers carrying their quest to defeat a gigantic monster known as "Sin" that plagued Spira for a thousand years. In fact, only "summoners" can destroy it by sacrificing own life. Yuna a young summoner was on her way to Sin accompanied by guardians, trained fighter to protect summoners along the way. Will Tidus the main character ever let her to sacrifice herslef in order to defeat Sin? Read full story (Game story lies at 'present')

In this game, different character has different ability of performance in battle.


The son of Jecht and was brought to Spira from the dreamworld Zanarkand when Sin visits it. He is energetic, optimistic, and good-natured young man. Although his main goal is to return to Zanarkand, he soon finds that he cares deeply for his new friends, especially Yuna. Tidus is the only one who does not knowing anything about his surroundings, but eventually he gains leadership qualities and becomes the leader of the team.

The daughter of High Summoner Braska and an Al Bhed, sis of Cid. She was brought up in Besaid Island and grown up to be a reserved and soft-spoken summoner who always puts others before herself. In battle, she's the sole summoner and acts as a White Mage as well.

Kimahri Ronso
An exile of the Ronso tribe who Biran broke his horn off and left left Mt. Gagazet in disgrace. He was discovered by Auron near Bevelle and took Yuna to Besaid just before Auron died. After Yuna became a summoner, he devoted himself to protect Yuna and eventually became her guardian. Kimahri seldom speaks.

A blitzball player like Tidus and a follower of the Yevon order. He made Tidus as Yuna guardian seeing his similarity to Chappu, Wakka's younger brother. He is also a strong believer in Yevon's teachings. In battle, Wakka's long-range attack works against flying enemies and he can cause status problems as well.

Lulu grew up in Besaid Island and she was initially romantically involved with Wakka's brother, Chappu until his death, she became rarely smiles. She is a very knowledgeable women who usually explains everything to Tidus. In battle, Lulu's plays the role of a Black Mage.

He was initially a guardian of Lord Braska. When he learned the truth about the Final Summoning, he attacked Yunalesca and was killed, but was never Sent. Somehow, Auron vow to Jecht that he'll protect Tidus and Yuna throughout Yuna's journey. In battle he's the strongest character with armor-piercing weapons.

A the daughter of Cid, leader of the Al Bhed and a cousin of Yuna. She tries to capture Yuna that she could fails to get the Final Aeon. In fact, she is the one who tells Tidus about the truth of Final Aeon. However, she joined the party as a guardian too later on. In battle she is able to dismantle robotic enemies and steal items.

Seymour Guado
He kills his father, Lord Jyscal, to become a maester. His mother turn herself into a fayth to an Aeon (Anima) in order to give him more power. He decides to become Sin.

Knowing sacrificing summoner is not the true way to stop Sin permanently, Yuna and her guardians decide to seek a new way. The party entered Sin's shredded body to end Sin's cycle of rebirth forever using a forbidden machine airship salvaged by the Al Bhed. However, Yuna discovered that she lose Tidus after her final battle. Where is Tidus?

Further expansion of the story on Final Fantasy X-2, search for Tidus.

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