Extremely Big Apple

I'm here in Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Right, the Jusco that was said ghost in their cinema. Somehow, it doesn't seems to affect its daily traffic at all. Maybe on the other way, the ghost is attracting people to visit. Have you seen a ghost or anything spirit before? "No" Then certainly you'll be interested in getting yourself a chance. Right? Wrong wrong right!

Blah~That's my introduction.

Welcome to Big Apple Jusco, (Said to myself)
Great quality stores never use tricks such as hiring beautiful or sexy waitress to attract customers. The only thing that they'll do is to improve themselves in several perspectives: decoration, cleanliness, etc. For food stores, certainly the taste and cleanliness of foods are important. And this Big Apple practices the right culture =)
This place is always packed. The Q never ends yet the customers never get frustrated upon waiting.
Look at the 'chef'(not asking you to comment if he is handsome or not), they are preventing any alien drops such as hair or dirt from hands. Very considerate.
This, he's applying sugar (-or- not sure what it is actually) onto donuts.
Weel, it is not like only two of them is working while the others simply shake their legs. In fact, they can't shake their legs because their boss is always there, cleaning dishes @.@ Right, that's what he does in the store. I can't show his picture as I not really dare to take it (*Whisper He's my dad's friend)
Variety~I hate it so as I'll need to make up my mind on which to choose. All too delicious. Ish!!! *learnt 'Ish!!' from one of the blogs. Thz~
If I were given a chance to work here, I'll definitely make out lot of lot of donuts that when the store is closed and where some donuts still remain unsold, I can get them back home. Haha!!
Finally, me and my sis decided to picked some favourites.
We bought nine pieces and finished them before getting out of Jusco.

Story not ended yet.

After enjoying Big Apple donuts, we went for a stroll inside Jusco. We found donuts too which were extremely cheap compared to Big Apple but,
They certainly look like my rabbit litter(Shit)


Baby said...

my favourite is alien. tried once, love it! ghost in the cinema? real?

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