Jusco Bukit Tinggi

Watch this,

What do you think?

Some say that it was caused by a fly flying through
You have your own judgement

Anyway, records say that there was indeed a death occurred during construction of this mall. And the location of the death was right where the cinema is, next to Redbox.

Testimony from my dad's friend.
His own witness. He and his family saw this thing flying around at the cinema screen. Not long after, few men began to leave the room. Followed by few more running out. It was 100% sure everyone saw it! Everyone started to run out of the room.

GreenBox is just next to cinema. Don't you think it was affected too?

Testimony from my cousin's friends.
They went for an happy hour in that particular Greenbox. After having fun, they decided to pay the bill. Weird, they found that they have to pay extra for one more person. They argued and the receptionists showed them proof through CCTV. Indeed, there was an unknown man sitting together with the girls in the room. Hey, that gang consists only girls!

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