Talking about Creativity

I have been wandering about whether an introvert can be creative for some time. You see, there is a saying in Malay “Diam diam ubi berisi” meaning by the quite one is always the one knowledgeable. Is it true?

As for me, I get most of the useful ideas talking to others, sharing information. Meanwhile, quieting down myself leads me only to world of fantasy. Yeah talking about this, maybe introverts could be creative about things that is abstract and ‘flight of the imagination’. They are the artist, story writer, manga writer, novelist etc. They are those who can do well filming the movie ‘Inception’.

Living in dream world is indeed wonderful. I love it so much and I always daydream and nightdream but I don’t know the way for me to earn some bucks from them unlike those great authors. What a waste even I could always dreams of some fantastic storylines.

Okay, It's obvious that I’m kinda stuck in this typical employment environment. Damn!

I wish I can really fly like what I did in my dream ><
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