Cup and Coffee

I read an article posted by one of my friend in Facebook.

-This is it-

So, different individual may have different point of view about life. In this passage, we see most people grabbed the cups that are considered valuable. About the explanation, allow me to twist them a bit.

'Coffee' becomes your life, 'Cup quality' is your personal quality, and 'the person who chose the cup' is the society.

Isn't this how the society works?

Although the plain cup may contain the same coffee, but no one is willing to take it. Same goes for the society that will not appreciate those lives that are not valuable. What is equivalent to the cup of coffee that has no one to pick? Answer: Waste.

That's why everyone in this world is trying to hard to upgrade themselves into a better and stronger person. This is our responsibility, to help each other building better dwelling planet within the society and we are thankful for those who invented light bulb, airplane, fridge etc... So what will happen if they stop working and choose to be 'contented'?
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