Working Life

It's has been 365days + 182days since my last post in this blog. When I was writing this down, I was like "OMG! Where did my blogging essence go?". Well apparently, I've forgotten how to blog the interesting way. Maybe I should start all over again by talking about my life.

For those whom had known me in person, I've graduated as an engineer since last June and started working ever since. However, I'm an Engineer who doesn't like designing. You know why? Because I hate repeating the same old boring stuffs again & again especially amending the design which the faults is not by myself. For your information in construction, Architect will comes out with wonders, but Engineer will be tortured like hell. The worst part is that they will keep on changing their mind while Engineer were already in the midst of designing the structure. Note that we are never able to wait them finish their concept only then we start our design. This is our stupid construction world. We need to work with their 'never-ending concept' all the way until the building is built up.

Being a civil engineer is not something I proud of (and I don't know why almost every parent wants their children to be engineer). 

For that reason...
I joined my company where I'm doing sales for almost 10months. (And I hope my colleagues won't find this blog as I do not wish them seeing what I'll complain about my company in future). In fact, I do hope for more income by doing sales. Unfortunately, I realised that my company doesn't fits this criteria but it's not easy for me to leave because this company offer a high fixed allowance. Actually, I wanted to leave. Haha! (I'm a dead meat if my manager sees this!)

My company always claims that they will grow, but i doubt that. The only thing I see it growing is the target we need to hit. My regional vice president just pay a visit today and try to 'motivate' us. He says "We can achieve 200% target by the coming next 3 years". Inside, I was murmuring, "If we helps the company to earn extra 200%, how much do we get? Also increment 200%?" If so, we are willing fight for it. He also stress that "I want you all to target higher so you can perform better than you target lower and achieve it easily". I was like "OMG, that's how he tricked us and is how our bonuses gone back to the company by targeting higher because we can never achieve." Management gimmick! Damn!

I guess I just don't like working~ Hahaha
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