Starcraft 2 cheat codes

To activate these cheats in Starcraft 2: press ENTER during the game

To repeat the last cheat without retype it, press “=” then ENTER

God Mode: terribleterribledamage

5 Billion Credits: whysoserious

5,000 Gas: realmendrilldeep

Units do not Cost Resources: moredotsmoredots

Victory Conditions Disabled: tyuhasleftthegame

Resources Granted: jaynestown

Disable Tech Requirements: sosayweall

“Terran up the Night” Song: OverEngineeredCodPiece

Cinematics Menu: eyeofsauron

Upgrade Weapons, Armor and Shield by One: iamironman

Disable Ability Cooldown: hanshotfirst

Lose Game: cadeeasygoin

Fast Build: basestarsprimative

Faster Medics: fsbcomunicacion

Disable Food and PSI Requirements: mintmansoperator

5,000 Minerals and Vespene Gas: smoldersbolds

5,000 Minerals: stroaksmolts

Defeat Conditions Disabled: ypoonsvoicemail

Show Mission Progress: dzmhairspring

Disable Fog War: sawnoutofmemory

Time of Day: qrotero

Instant Win: cmethodfeedback

Instant Loss: cadeasygoin

Mission Graph Dialog: lyingpect

TV News: furabranchery

Research Points: wapboinkers

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