Killer Game

This game was once legendary among my friends. It is an extremely simple game but it reveals the true nature of one being. In fact, it is a psychological. I hope you guys play this game before =)

To begin this game, we need a set of cards probably 1 showing the inspector and 2 being the killers. The rest would be the commoners. In order to win, inspector and commoners must work together to catch the killers while the killers will try to confuse them by disguising among themselves. Each day, someone will die through imprison after the general discussion or accusing. Each night when everyone asleep, the inspector will be given a chance to guess out who is the killer from monitor and then the killers are able to kill someone. The number of players keeps on decreasing since the monitor announces the day and night progressively, and if the killer able to survive until the end, killers win.

Killer game focuses on soul, self and mind. The inspector is the one to convince the commoners about the truth when the killer will try their best disguising themselves with intelligent. Truths or lies? If he is the inspector, how good is he standing for the truth? This will be resolved by his way of reasoning. When he is the killer, how good is he in deceiving? This will be resolved by his intelligent and emotional control such as throwing anger.

Come to think about it, throwing anger is one of the best way to deceive people. Hence, never easily believe the words of those who always throw anger because they could be the masters of deceivers. Haha...

It seems that this game concentrates only on the inspector and killers. Nevertheless, the psychological test doesn't ends here. This test is also meant for commoners: the ignorant, the aggressive, the easily blinded, and the destroyer.

The ignorant are those who mind not about winning when they thought that they are not the main person in the game. Often they will utter "Take it easy, losing is just a game". The aggressive are those who wants to win and trying their very best to play the game. They often post many strategies in order to catch the killers. The easily blinded are those who simply mislead by words and start accusing. Often they will say "I think you are the killer...No no! I think... ". The destroyer are those who easily confused and thus causing chaos in discussion.

Only the opponents know the truth while the rest are just listeners. Note that there are always ways to fake out evidences and hence the best choice is not to believe what we see by naked eye, but what we know from the start before everything happen. =)


Më| §zë said...

o, when my group plays, the person who talks the most gets killed first. doesn't matter whether is killer or not, cos if killed, then can't talk so much d... wahahaha! means lee kok sheng always get killed... lol....

leo7_lion said...

perhaps you all don1 him to confuse the game. Haha! Right choice~

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