Trying to be Nice

Is 'trying to be nice' a way to demonstrate? Actually, there is no specific method on how to be nice. It is when your heart is willing to understand and somehow makes thing better. Perhaps, different individuals view this term differently. He or she may not think that what we have done is 'nice' for them =) Perhaps, they do not need someone (particularly us) to interfere their lives. Hence, being nice is another way 'stop intruding their business'. Is it not?

We might have a curious heart, always alarm towards surrounding issues but in fact, no one like to be labeled as 'Busybody'. What is a definition of busybody? The one who desperately wants to know something just for fun and entertainment. There are also some who likes to criticize then. Undeniably, this is what life about, facing people like them. Even as a trained and experienced counselor myself, I hate this game.

Hence I understand that, when one's heart is closed, do not easily make our first step because of generosity. The moment we'd entered is the moment we will bare the consequences. If we are not able to maintain them well due to our own weaknesses, our early sacrifices shall never again be remembered when negative impacts strike. Worthless towards those who does not appreciate it? No... we cannot blame them because they do not understand. There are times, we stop. We as the counselors should know this consequences. And there is no use to defense ourselves since... they do not understand...

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