Disable Iphone GPRS

Recently, my iphone was connecting to GPRS or EDGE without me noticing. It downloads data automatically by default and consumes much of my phone credits. Therefore I was seeking ways to totally block them from using anything but WIFI. Lucky I found 3 alternatives to turn off/ disable IPhone GPRS, EDGE & 3G data charges.

We can call your mobile network operator to disable GPRS/ EDGE /3G however this is case to case basic, some operator may refuse our request and we could not receive MMS, online anymore too.

For MAXIS user, we can simply cancel the Maxis 3G & GPRS service by keyin *136*4# and press “dial” on our iPhone. We may enable it again any time by calling your operator helpdesk.

Besides this, we can use third party software but we must Jailbreak the iPhone first. Download BossPrefs from Cydia to turn off 3G (Disable this to save money) and EDGE.


Easier alternative to disable IPhone GPRS, EDGE & 3G data charges

1. go to Setting
2. Then go to General
3. go to Network
4. now go to Cellular Data Network
5. go into APN, fill in fake Username and Password
6. restart Iphone

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