Like and Dislike

Everyone is trying to be nice and always aims for a better relationship with everyone everyday. However, it is an undeniable fact that we all develop our mindsets differently base on our personal backgrounds that result diverse personalities. For that, we have dissimilar opinions judging a matter. Debate and argument are the examples. Therefore, it is also common when people starts to blame each other, practically due to differences in opinion.

Everyone love themselves. They protect themselves first. Hence in argument, often they discard rationality just to fight themselves a victory. Only when they've settle down and think back, they might come to realize the truth. Somehow, there are still exceptions.

Almost everyone know IQ and EQ. IQ is something obvious and can be tested through various methods. As for EQ, there is no specific way to test it. If they were to be compared between wisdom and knowledge, IQ is knowledge and EQ is wisdom. Of course, there are ways to increase one's EQ.

Simple example,
When crisis comes, where do we raise our voices at? Pointing finger at others started to blame and criticize? Or to clam down before thinking of better solution?

This example is common but they determined where we are. Never blame others for disliking us but try to examine ourselves and ask, why they dislike me? If minority dislike us, that could be fine as no one is perfect. However if majority dislike us, the problem lies in ourselves.

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niar said...

dear elendil,

after sometimes I cant attend to this blog, now I am so surprise that your blog get much changing and go better. I like every post you write, so interesting and mature. keep your writing elendil..

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