Leaders & Followers

If you know me in person, you'll find that I hate theories very much. Conversely, I believe that creativity is everything =) Come to think of it, aren't them who made theories are equipped with creative mind? People like Albert Einstein, Newton, etc started something out of nothing. Okay, they are special but what about Founders such as Google's - Sergey M. Brin? He started Google and made it a huge business with some capital of course. In order for him to success, he must have a strategy that is effective and creative to win over Yahoo. Hence, famous applications such as Google Earth, Google Map, Google Translator etc were introduced.

My point today is some people create trend, some people follow trend. I'm not a creator but I don't like to follow neither. However if the creator benefits me by me following him, why not? For example, we know that there is a leader who can lead us winning a war and we can claim treasures ahead, won't we follow as his warriors?

Some may be unsatisfied as the leader would be the one gaining larger portion of overall profit, but which King doesn't serve men first before men serving him back? The civilian receives security and services from upper head and in return taxing. It is a win-win situation or biological says - symbiosis. Without the leader convincing us the plan, we cannot succeed. So the King has the rights^^


Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

does this means that you'll no longer be blogging here?

leo7_lion said...

That website is jz for collection =D

kenwooi said...

all the best with the new web =)

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