The Destroyer of Earth

How do you guys feel about the weather today? Well, my country is extremely warm~ You see, sweating is normal but it is not when you're sitting doing nothing. Perhaps 'Global Warming' is true and hence the 'end' of the world.

Actually, I do support earth hour but I don't think this Earth Hour campaign is taking us any further. It is true that this action can provides human being extra time for researches before the true crisis may strike, but the ignorance of some parties is still undeniably making this objective a false hope.

Not to mention something which I know little, but things which my future career does, the construction. It is a fact that the development of a country relies on construction work, that's why construction work never cease. Hence due to chemical reaction in concreting etc, enormous carbonic gases are released without any idea human know to deal with it and these gases are the major leads to global warming. Not to mention issue about deforestation. [In our line, deforestation is also another career which helps to earn big]

Often I joke with my friends which are also engineering students saying that "we'll be the future Earth destroyers". They find it easy to accept because we all admit that we are. There is no way to stop us because the world development needs us. Only if something else could replace construction work.

Earth Hour is saving maybe 0.1% of total energy in each campaign but we are increasing its usage by 2% exponentially when more graduates and projects are accepted.

I'm not saying that Earth Hour is wasting of time but we need a better idea. We have been emphasizing on going green even to introduce the green building technology, but our goal will not succeed unless mankind are ONE. (which I think is kinda impossible...) Because Going Green is never cheap and convenient, they will not comprehend this idea. Sigh...

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