[Title: write 1000-1500 about 1Malaysia]

When 1Malaysia first came into my life, I presume it was just another imitation from the motto 1China. However, 1Malaysia had finally made itself more valuable as time passes. Comparable to China, we Malaysian are stupendous due to the convergence of diverse races that can be easily demonstrated through skin color worldwide. Therefore, everyone can effortlessly notice our unique existance.

My father used to tell me this. When he was young, Malaysian Foot-Ballers were extremely famous. They were in a group where everyone in this world can without a doubt become aware of them through various skin colors running in the same ring. In fact, their performance was competitive against the world standard. Hence, I feel unity when we are willing to walk the same.

1Malaysia with the aim of being one although we are not by culture differences, we ought to accept the weaknesses meanwhile the strengths of other races. In reality, some of my friends are racist. They mocked other races with slangs and find no reason to treat them the same. As a Chinese myself, I find this disgraceful. Actually, we Chinese are the not the best neither. We cheat among ourselves and often selfish unlike the Malays and Indian who are united. Chinese always claim themselves the smartest not realizing the fact that people with high IQ always has low EQ. Chinese are curious for information but rarely help each other since everyone of them wants to flee from troubles. For example, when Chinese came across a road accident event, they would rather slow down their vehicles just to watch but never give a hand. I myself have experience situations likewise where only Malays and Indians tend to help when Chinese strangers refused to.

In order to achieve one, we must understand our own weaknesses before our strength. We can easily find faults of others but seldom have we examined ourselves. Undeniably, some Malays are defensive as well. They often emphasized on their status “Prince of the Land” meanwhile trying to chase other races out from their land, not knowing togetherness is the best solution towards all scenarios. Certainly, this does not apply to each Malay individual. As I visited Chemor, I find it easy to blend with the local Malays. Their responds are always sweet and pure. In fact, I love Malay language very much. I find it the sweetest language that I had ever learned.

When we are together, many goals can be achieved because we know that different individual possesses different skills of survival. For this, we could simply observe that often a strong country is commonly due to its civilian that emphasizes peace and harmony. Our neighbor country, Singapore has demonstrated this. Hence, being one in heart is one of the major criteria for strength and development. In fact, Singapore could not be prominent if everyone is trying to fight each other. Thanks to their education system and governing strategies, they are now citizen with pride.

In Malaysia, almost all issues lie within conflict within the three races, Malay, Chinese and Indian whereas the natives are normally apart from these politics. It seems that everyone is unsatisfied with the nation bias and priorities. Chinese complains that they should deserve the same as Malaysia is a democratic country. Malay says they receive insufficient aid from the country. Indians seemed to be aggressive against their rights. If this should continue for decades, will the aim of 1Malaysia be succeeded?

We know that Indian is the least among the three races, but they are never weak. There are professionals and often raise country fame just like Jaclyn Victor, our first Malaysian Idol. As mentioned above, we possess different talents. Malays are skillful, Chinese are quick minded, and Indian has strong souls. We all note that United State is a strong country. Just like us, they are multiracial therefore produce abandon talents that could uplift their country in several international events. If we could work together to fulfill the dream of 1Malaysia, we could be anytime among the best.

Personally, I am a frequent traveler and I came to know that Malaysia KLIA is one of the Five Stars Airports throughout the whole world meanwhile winning award for being the best airport. The most remarkable technology that KLIA acquired is the immigration system by simply a thumb print. This technology cannot be found elsewhere other than KLIA, which is the reason why my oversea friends find no Malaysia stem inside my passport. This technology and service serves international businesses and it bring forth fabulous impression for other. This fact proves Malaysia worthy of being praised. Moreover, Malaysia was once a model country for South Korea. There should not be a reason why Malaysia not a first world country if human quality is well maintained where often education plays an important role.

We note that education is the primary source that mentally encourages the strength of youths regardless of their ages. Children of various races must be taught under the same school believing that years of education are perhaps able to alternate children’s conceptual. If the children are brought up to respect and understand each other, 1Malaysia is another step achievable.

Unity is our asset, competition is our responsibility. Every one of us has the tendency to shine. It could be someone from the city, or someone from the village. Hence, we never look down on anyone or any race. We are proud of Siti Nurhaliza as well as Dato Lee Chong Wei who battle as a Malaysian and live like one. In fact, every Malaysian loves Malaysia. If a foreigner should ask about my homeland, my answer would definitely be Malaysia, not China although I am a Chinese. I believe Indian will answer the same way. Although there might be some issues that we may find no justices but we still love our country. It is here that we all grown up and therefore we pledge our loyalty. Now, 1Malaysia is a dazzling motto. It is our pride.

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