Dota - Jin'zakk, The Batrider Guide

This hero is interesting. It acquires much skills to control him like Priestess of the Moon. It could easily travel across any terrain which then make him an advantage.

Learn Flame Break (2nd skill) and Sticky Napalm (1st skill) complying with Lv1 Firefly (3rd skill). As you see, Flame Break implies damage whereas Sticky Napalm amplifies fire damages. However, if creeps or terrain were to obstruct your way, you couldn't kill your opponent without Firefly crossing over them. Ultimate, Flaming Lasso. This skill helps you to pull enemy into your team. Likewise, you can pull opponent into your Firefly track and further attack him with other skills.

Get Mantle of Intelligent for early stage so that you can spam your skill. The key items are depending on you. You can get Lothar Edge or Blink Dagger with helps you to kill. Also, you can increase your attack damage and speed with other items. Guinsoo is quite pointless but it makes you a great support hero. [Back to Menu]

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