They want us to listen

The reason for old people sharing their thoughts is they see you giving them attention. They know that you might not be interested but being able to express would make them feel glad.

Noticing surrounding loves disappear crafts the scar of loneliness deep within their heart, first is their parents, then their friends, next their partner. The longer they live, the griever it is... The one whom seems to understand them are vanishing although their descendants would multiply. Touch the heart, which children or grand children would sit down obediently to listen to grandmother's story? In the end of the day, they are alone.

Eyes tell no lie. Eyes tell people want they want. They want to express and they want a listener so as you and I. Just that, they are different from teenagers that hides their feelings because they know hiding is just a suicide.

The old fear death, the young seek death. The old breaks themselves from emptiness, the young keeps themselves in emptiness. They are such a contrast indeed. Experience results maturity. Thus are we ready to listen to them?

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leo7_lion said...

It was by inspire that me writing this. However after visiting my friend's log, time doesn't seems right anymore. In a minute, anything could happen.

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