Sense the Danger

There are only two reasons for someone to hate us.

One, we offended them in some ways.
Two, they are jealous of us.

Agree not?
Well, this comment is what I heard from my friends =)

In short, it is impossible to claim that we never offend anyone. Nevertheless, it remains positive to make things right. There are people who realize their mistake in life yet they possess no ability to revolutionize. Conversely, some people love to sort out clan. They don't like 'their' friends to abscond 'their' group meanwhile joining others. If their friends do so, they simply become traitors.

Perhaps, it became an 'offend' since we are not able to satisfy their requirements for having wider network hence the reason behind their jealousy. The point is, it is not rationale for someone to be jealous if he/she is able to achieves what they wants. Or I should state on why not try to achieve what their 'opponent' could without murmuring.

Personally, I know what is my life's windfall for I'm indeed blessed. God gave me many things which I couldn't imagine my life without 'em. One testimony is that, I went to Genting Klang yesterday but the rain pours directly after we got up from the pool hence ceases me from proceeding to WeiHao place straight due to the sudden blank out in his flat unit. Thus, I fled from darkness meanwhile gaining sufficient time of pleasure in the pool^^ Lucky huh?

All I want to convey here is that, different individual lives their life differently. We gain no rights to manipulate them. In opposition, never blame others for leaving us but ourselves for not letting others find favor in us^^


Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

Some people hate us also because of face problem and sometimes people gossip behind out backs and make the listener believe everything that was said and hate us...In other words, misunderstanding

leo7_lion said...

That is very true^^

Anonymous said...

no..there is one more thing..u dislike someone when thier attitude is bad even though they didnt offend us.

Aries said...

Hi. I have an award for you, please pick it up from my blog.

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