The Future

As said, those who willing to sacrifice for us are friends indeed. Regardless of wealth, health or future. It is hard to find a friend who join you because they wanted to help you, as mostly are with intentions. Humans are selfish. Just that it matters on one's level of selfishness.

Can I watch my friends being tortured if I'm able to pull them out of misery? Can I made my friends a happier future with a hand that I can give?

My history wants me to change my conception of love. My eyes want me to see no surrounding souls. My tongue wants me to tell no words of rebuke. Let them fall into the bottomless pit. For they think I ponder little. For they think I ponder to much. Not an inch future, or matters which no one bother.

Therefore I pray to God for wisdom. He shows me experience. I pray to God for sight. He shows the future that I can see. He made himself my living partner. Yet one sentence is granted, shun evil doer. Thank God. Thus at my 21st, God promised me a rolling blessing. At the same time, an ability to bless and to curse. I'm no shaman, but I understand where powers lie for my blessings has been fulfilling.

A new year is where resolution shall be made. However, intelligent plan will never succeed without luck that God choose to grant. That is why my brother wins a laptop, it is now in my hand. Thank God and thank my brother.

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