Dota - Zues, The Lord of Olympia Guide

This hero is a great killer when he is well equipped with high mana point at early game. Nevertheless, he is weak in defense. Hence, always keep yourself out of damage and farm as fast as you can.

Master both Arc Lighting (1st skill) and Lighting Bolt (2nd skill). This is important for killing creeps at early game meanwhile damaging opponent. Whenever opponent uses potion, strike them with Arc Lighting. You can spam your Lighting Bolt on them whenever you have sufficient mana point. Static Field (3rd skill) is quite important in middle and late game. It helps you and your teammate to cast sufficient damage. Note that you have to be nearby opponent. Ultimate, Thundergod's Wrath. Check across the map for any red-lived opponent to kill'em.

It is important to acquire high mana point. Thus, Mantle of Intelligent and Mana Potion is most likely to be your choice. Next, Void Stone for higher Mana regeneration. With items like this, mana point should be almost sufficient for killing. Depending on the match, you can get Shiva Guard, Guinsoo etc. [Back to Menu]

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Eldy said...

tis is the most lousy late game hero.. haha !

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