Dynasty Dragon

This is the restaurant that caught us last night. They are having a promotion for 1kg Crab only at RM19.90, which the normal price is actually doubled. Our initial plan was to purchase some deco for my younger sister's birthday but as you can see, we spent our time here instead. Dynasty Dragon =.=

Okay, I admit there is no dragon to be seen =P
With menu on hand, we started ordering...
Wow, worth isn't it?
My elder brother claimed that this is for drinking.
(Actually, it is for handwash)
~Me promoting this Restaurant~
=.= but no pay =.=
Elder sis and Mom

We spent 2hours for the crab =P because it involves the crazy digging of meat XD Sometimes I wonder, why crabs never extinct when we never stop eating them. Unlike chicken or cattle, they have farms~ Do crabs have farms as well^^?
In fact, I don't think I can consume this thing especially when my foot has yet to recover but... I care not =P
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