Dota - Viper, The Netherdrake Guide

This hero main strength is to slows enemy with his poison. Thus, it is indeed sufficient to raise only his defense and attack damage without pondering items that consist special attribute such as hex effect or else.

Master Poison Attack(2nd skill) and Nethertoxic(1st skill) before Corrosive Skin(3rd skill). You can choose not to have Corrosive Skin but upgrade your stats. Ultimate, Viper Strike ends your enemy's hope where you can easily kill'em.

The key item is Vanguard. This item makes you able to tank because you may need to strike hero from near. The following items can be anything regarding to damage increment. You can try Lothar Edge too where you can make a surprise attack anytime.

This hero is easy to use. However, he is almost nothing without Vanguard. [Back to Menu]

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