Dota - Ish~kafel, Dark Seer Guide

This hero is tricky. You might need lot courage to chase your opponent.

Learn Ion Shell(2nd skill) to cast on enemy's/own creep with longest life. This helps you to push meanwhile damages opponent heroes. Learn Vacuum(1st skill) next which inflicts damage on opponent. Remember to learn Surge(3rd skill) at least during Lv6 so that you can chase or escape. This hero doesn't need boots. The surge cooldown is extremely fast at Lv4 and maximized speed limit. Ultimate, Wall of Replica is cast to defend tower or when pushing tower.

Dark Seer should purchases 3 mantle of intelligent at early game to sustain mana. The key item could be anything depends on your play^^ Lothar Edge? Battle Fury? I choose Lothar Edge to inflict opponent with Ion Shell in invisible state before killing them. [Back to Menu]

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