Dota - Dirge, Undying Guide

This hero is a gangster simply because his killing style is to call out millions of zombies, implying damages meanwhile receive healing in Golem Form(Ultimate) when opponent creeps die.

For skills, learn Tombstone(3rd skill) first to earn golds faster. Followed by Soul Rip(2nd skill). These two skills shall comprehend in order to kill, knowing that Tombstone can create countless zombies against foes meanwhile Soul Rip increase its damage per unit count. These 2 skills can kills opponent in early game. You can forget about Decay(1st skill). It worth nothing since everyone's strength point is never low. Ultimate, Flash Golem. This is an important skill to chase opponent whereby it amplifies damage and slows foe's movement passively. In addition, the unit that dies due to these effects will automatically heals you. Thus, use this skill together with Tombstone, also Soul Rip if you're not able to chasing a dying hero.

Starting items is very important. Get two Bracers before Boots of Speed. This is to provide you sufficient mana point to cast Tombstone and Soul Rip. After that, you can go for Battle Fury and Heart of Terrasque. With these key items, you are winning. [Back to Menu]

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