I wonder why other contestants must use broom as their weapon^^ Lol~ Anyway, I'm wondering if I can choose to be the antagonist. Haha! This contest is extremely interesting!

As far as I have concern, everyone have been posting their cool pictures already. Of course, they want to be the protagonist. As for me who is going to be different, I'm doing this...


If I'm the cloud, I should be able to control over water. Water is a good element yet a bad element depending on the user who is going to be me. If I'm in a good mood, I will stop each tsunami that strike human whereas if I'm not, I will summon tsunami instead.
Vroom!! It wouldn't be like watering plant... Sha~ It will be damaging and I'll summon water from any source for my own use!


Scare of me already? No worry, it is just for contest purpose^^


What if I'm wind? I guess I will be controlling wind =D I can choose to cease disaster caused by wind or cause disaster by wind. I can save life as well as devour life.


Not matter what power I'd gained, I shall understand that the true meaning of pleasure. True pleasure is when everyone honor you and like you. We can be invincible but if we don't gain love from people, we are still a loser.

And one day, there will be someone stronger which we will then fail to stand firm against.
-Walk on the right path-

Watch Storm Warrior 2 now at www.gsc-eonbankcard.com^^


Oh, you wanna see costume like what you saw for other contestants? Hehe...

Wear helmet^^

Who say Storm Warrior must wear weird (x100times) clothes and wields a flashy (x100times) sword? No offense to other contestants =P It is just a contest, chill~^^

Now, My 'sword' is my iPhone that snap interesting yet flying memory, my helmet is of course safety helmet. What else? Em... Shoes? I'm currently waiting for a new one =P That old shoes of mine always soak water into my feet =.=

If my colleagues find out that I'm using working hour to post this... I will be...
Hahaha! They won't give me penalty anyway for I'm just a internship trainee =P
So, do you find this post interesting? =P Bluek!

Credit to Gaia Online and worth1000.com for the pictures^^ (Thanks~)


You have no idea what is Storm Warrior? Gosh! Allow me to demonstrate its trailer...

It is an Asian legendary movie which currently everyone here discussing. Here is the poster~
Cool huh?


HazwanHakim said...

hahaha....what storm warrior version ???...enggineer version??ehhee

see my page also...


seon said...

oh...engineer too....hope your helmet is sirim rated...HAHAHA

HazwanHakim said...

I think your helmet is must by wood, so u can battle ur head more good

leo7_lion said...

Wood? But then it will be very heavy and my head will drop XD

fikah said...

an engineer version of storm warrior..nice2

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